Somalia leads the way in GBV Case Management knowledge transfer

Maria Caterina Ciampi (GBVIMS Case Management Technical Specialist), and Kate Rougvie (GBVIMS Inter-agency Coordinator) of the GBVIMS Global Team, traveled to Somalia in April 2018 to work with National GBVIMS Coordinator Elizabeth Kigen to support the strengthening of Case Management capacity across GBVIMS user organisations, following a series of trainings, and trainings-of-trainers delivered during 2017. […]

Why Words Matter

The New York Times’ coverage of Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky’s sex crimes sparked an uproar from its readers.  Highlights of the public outcry focused on the newspaper’s use of language to depict the perpetrated crimes.  Chief among their complaints was the lack of the word “rape.” Readers complained, “Why is this [crime] described […]