Incident Recorder

Once data has been collected using the intake form, service providers should input the data into the Incident Recorder (IR).  The IR is an Excel spreadsheet that acts as a database for compiling and storing collected GBV data.  It contains customizable dropdown lists to decrease input error and the time to input the data.  The fields of the IR correspond directly with the fields of the intake form to make data input quick and easy.  Based on the inputted data, the IR has built-in functions that will automatically generate GBV statistics, tables and charts that can be easily analyzed, reported and shared.

Unlike the other GBVIMS tools, the IR cannot be downloaded without first participating in an orientation, completing a brief questionnaire, and consulting with the GBVIMS Team. It is only available in English or French. 

To learn more about how to get access to all the GBVIMS tools, click here.

Download an example of a report automatically generated by the IR. [English]