GBV Information Sharing Protocol Template

GBV information is extremely sensitive and can have dangerous consequences if misused.  That is why it is essential that GBV data be shared confidentially and compiled and analyzed in a format that ensures survivor anonymity and the safety and security of all involved.  Without data protection and information-sharing protocols in place, organizations have little knowledge and trust of how others will use the information they share.  Due to this lack of trust and confidence between organizations, many prefer not to share GBV information. It is necessary, therefore, that GBV service providers adopt and adhere to information sharing protocols that outline the parameters for information sharing and ensure the security of the client and those involved.

The GBV Information Sharing Protocol Template and Guidance provides an example of what an information sharing protocol may look like.  It offers some ground rules and guiding principles on procedures for sharing non-identifiable data on reported cases of GBV.

Download the Inter-Agency Information Sharing Protocol Template:   [English] [Français] [Español] [عربية]
Download the Inter-Agency Information Sharing Protocol Guidance: [Compiled PDF – English] [Documents – English]