Access the GBVIMS

How to Get Access to the GBVIMS

  1. Review the Learn More page, Tools page, FAQ , and other resources available on the website.
  2. Contact the GBVIMS Inter-Agency Coordinator at
  3. Participate in a brief consultation with the Inter-Agency Coordinator to explore how the GBVIMS may be of benefit to your organization for programming and advocacy, given the specific context. The consultation will also allow the Inter-Agency Coordinator to identify other organizations providing services to GBV survivors for whom the GBVIMS may also be of benefit.
  4. If the context and your organization’s programming seem like a good fit for the GBVIMS, a member of the GBVIMS Global Team will guide you through an assessment process, which may be extended to other GBV service providing organizations. This assessment will determine whether your organization, and others, meets the minimum criteria for a GBVIMS roll-out.
  5. The GBVMS Global Team member will help you complete a short report based on the assessment and submit it to the Steering Committee to confirm your participation in the GBVIMS Roll-Out and decide what type of roll-out is most appropriate for your organization and others.

The purpose of this process is three-fold.  First, this allows the Steering Committee to keep track of where the GBVIMS is being implemented.  Second, it initiates a discussion between your organization and the Steering Committee to determine whether the GBVIMS is appropriate for your context.  Third, it ensures that your organization will have access to the Steering Committee for technical support and the necessary resources for implementing the GBVIMS.