The Rollout Guidelinesprovide step by step guidance on the entire GBVIMS Rollout process for GBV actors planning either an internal rollout within an organization or an inter-agency rollout. It includes resources, templates and checklists to ensure implementers have all of the information they need to conduct a successful GBVIMS rollout.

The Facilitator’s Guideis a scripted guide for facilitators training staff on three of the GBVIMS tools: the Incident Classification Tool, Psychosocial & Medical Intake Form, and the Incident Recorder. Provides powerpoint presentations, activities, and tips on training customization to support the facilitator from preparation through the final evaluation.

The GBVIMS Data Analysis E-Learning Toolis an interactive resource developed to bridge the gap between implementation of the GBVIMS tools and using the data generated to inform programming. This tool teaches users how to produce statistics; ensure data is clean and correct and complete; interpret statistics generated; and use this information to improve programming. The intended audience for this tool is existing GBVIMS users who are already familiar with the incident recorder.

GBVIMS Project Proposal Logical FrameworkIncluded here is a logical framework that can be used to guide design of a proposal or program to implement the GBVIMS. It covers the entire roll-out process and should be adapted based on the needs of the country and on the current status of the GBVIMS. The GBVIMS Surge Team can provide technical support in making modifications or providing feedback if there is a need.

Training on Data Analysis and Data InterpretationIncluded here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create pivot tables for data analysis, recommendations on how to interpret data, and examples of how to use GBVIMS data to inform programming, advocacy, and to complete reports or proposals.