Common Technical Support Issues and Solutions

These are commonly asked questions or technical support issues that may be faced by GBVIMS Users.  For solutions, click on the links below:

  1. The  dropdown menu for a field on the Incident Data worksheet does not contain all the options I want to enter.
  2. I can’t customize a dropdown menu.  When I make the changes I want to the tables on the Menu Data worksheet and click ‘Update Menus in the Incident Data Worksheet’ nothing happens.  Why?
  3. Why can’t I modify certain cells on the Incident Recorder?
  4. When I try to type in the data I want to enter into the Incident Data worksheet, I get a ‘DATA ENTRY ERROR’ box.  Why?
  5. I don’t know/have forgotten the password to open my IR.  What should I do?
  6. Why are there missing columns from my IR?
  7. Why are there missing rows and/or missing data from my IR and pivot tables?  OR There seems to be missing information from my pivot table.  Why is this?
  8. I cannot find the filter buttons on my IR. What do I do?
  9. Which version of Excel should I use to save the IR?
  10. When I open the IR I receive a message that says “Excel has found unreadable content” and then lists a number of pivot tables. What does this mean?
  11. I’m having difficulty entering dates into the Incident Data worksheet and an error box keeps appearing. What am I doing wrong?
  12. When I click on Monthly Statistics worksheet, it’s completely empty!  Is it broken?
  13. Why can’t I click on any of the cells on the Monthly Statistics worksheet?
  14. Why can’t I edit my pivot tables?  None of my pivot tables have a Pivot Table Field List or an Areas Section.
  15. When I click on my pivot table, there are no blue lines outline the table.  What should I do?
  16. I need to add new formatted lines to the Incident Recorder because we have already reached row 100o.  How can I do this?
  17. I want to sort the data in a column.  How can I do this?
  18. I want to add additional options to choose from in the drop down menu OR I would like to customize the drop down menus.  How can I do this?
  19. I need to password protect the incident recorder. How can I do this?