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Primero/GBVIMS+ is an open source software platform that helps humanitarian and development workers manage gender-based violence data with tools that facilitate case management and incident monitoring. It is an enhancement of the current GBVIMS database (Incident recorder) with an added function for GBV Case management.

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What do you need to rollout Primero/GBVIMS+ in your context[1]?

At the inter-agency level At the organizational level
·         Established and functional GBV and/or GBVIMS coordination body;

·         Existing Interagency Case Management SoP (incl. updated referral pathways)

·         Actor(s) identified to coordinate the rollout of Primero/GBVIMS+;

·         Resources available to lead training and provide follow-up and technical support to potential participating organizations throughout the rollout process (estimated cost for Helpdesk support for production, maintenance and development is around USD 15,000 for pre-implementation support and USD 2,000 per month for production support/ helpdesk per rollout and not per organization).

·         Provision of quality case management and/or GBV specialized services;

·         Provision of services to more than 50 survivors every 3 months

·         Necessary resources for safe and secure data management (locked cabinets, computers, printing, etc.);

·         Necessary human resources in place (i.e. manager, service providers, IT staff);

·         Stable internet connection in locations where data is entered into Primero.

·         Organizational commitment to implement a new data management system


The following criteria will be used by the GBVIMS Steering Committee to prioritize support to countries requesting the rollout of Primero/GBVIMS+:

  • Current GBVIMS rollout countries;
  • Functional GBV and/or GBVIMS coordination body;
  • Existing Standard Operating Procedures for GBV Case Management[2];
  • Locations where security concerns prevent the use of paper forms;
  • Availability of IT support at the inter-agency level.

Should you decide to rollout Primero/GBVIMS+ in your context at the Inter-Agency level, the GBVIMS Steering Committee will commit to:

  1. Help you conduct a rollout assessment;
  2. Support you in the preparatory phase of the rollout.
  3. Conduct in-country trainings and mentoring of end-users and system administrators.
  4. Act as global-level system administrators to maintain the platform and liaise with the software company for helpdesk support.

Currently, the platform is supported in English, although forms can be translated in other languages. Further internationalization is planned in 2017.


The GBVIMS Steering Committee can also provide technical support on GBV Case management in order to ensure that the rollout of Primero/GBVIMS+ as a Case Management tool is done in context where quality case management is provided to GBV survivors.


If you have any questions regarding Primero/GBVIMS+, please contact Caroline Masboungi, GBVIMS Technical Specialist at


For more information on Primero, visit or GBVIMS, visit


[1] These considerations apply to Inter-Agency rollouts of Primero/GBVIMS+.

[2] Or adherence to Inter-Agency GBV Case Management Guidelines, 2017.


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