Primero is the Protection Related Information Management System.  It is the umbrella platform (application) with several independent modules with functions for GBV, Child Protection, and Grave Violations Against Children (MRM).

GBVIMS+ is one module of Primero.  It is an enhancement of the current GBVIMS incident recorder with an added function for GBV case management.

The goal of the GBVIMS+ is a survivor-centered system. This system utilizes and will continue to take advantage of technology enhancements to manage individual cases and services for survivors as well as incident monitoring.  This includes:

  • Ease of global updates, bug fixes
  • Accommodate different languages (English, French, Arabic, Spanish)
  • Ease of Compilation
  • Heightened Security
    • Based in more secure framework (threat tests conducted)
    • Role-based access (increased emphasis on confidentiality)

Finally it is also a high priority for  GBVIMS+ to be able to accommodate different methods of data collection (computer, tablet); this enhancement is pending funding.

Resources to learn more about Primero:

Training Materials