GBVIMS Evaluation

In 2014, the GBVIMS Steering Committee commissioned an external evaluation of the GBVIMS. There were several reasons for this. Despite an increase in demand for the GBVIMS throughout the humanitarian and donor communities, in the five years since GBVIMS roll-outs began in earnest, there had been few comprehensive evaluations providing evidence on the actual results of the GBVIMS and its relevance, efficiency and effectiveness in different contexts.

The increase in the number of users and countries that are implementing the GBVIMS had resulted in greater attention to key issues for the IMS, such as ownership and sustainability, intersections with other IMs, and requests for the GBVIMS to be used in non-humanitarian contexts; which made the evaluation of the GBVIMS highly relevant.

The evaluation identified evidence, good practice, and lessons and and made recommendations regarding to what extent, how, why and when (in what contexts) the GBVIMS had reached and/or could reach its intended objectives and fulfill the expectations it set out to meet.

Information gathered for this evaluation are forward-looking, with the intention of informing future GBVIMS roll-outs, including by instituting critical changes in approach and/or methods.

An Evaluation Brief presents the main findings and results of this five-year external evaluation.

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