Data Protection

What is data protection?

Data protection is the act of protecting personal or sensitive information in how it is collected, stored, used, and shared.


Why is data protection important?

A significant amount of information is captured about survivors and beneficiaries through the course of our work. Policies, protocols and practices on data protection are essential to our work because unprotected data or the unauthorized access, use or sharing can endanger survivors, staff and the sustainability of programming.  Beyond threat of harm, it is our responsibility to collect only what is safe, ethical, and actionable but also what we can realistically protect to ensure survivor or beneficiary information is not abused.

Protecting the data of the survivors and beneficiaries we work with can be a challenge. Especially so when there is a lack of policies or guidance on data protection, when programs are working in highly insecure environments, and when resources are limited. All data collected needs to be protected, not just GBVIMS data.


When is data protected?

Data can be considered protected when:

  • there is a clear purpose for collection
  • there are limits to what is being collected (safe, ethical, actionable, consented)
  • the information is secure (reasonable safeguards are in place to protect from unauthorized access, use or sharing, destruction, or loss)
  • survivors/beneficiaries are informed about their rights, and their rights are respected
  • policies, protocols and/or practices are implemented and effective in regulating the collection and use of information


Below are resources for data protection:

Latest news and updates

July 29, 2021

New Resources: GBVIMS+ Case Management Companion Guide: Now Out!

The GBVIMS+ Case Management Companion Guide is designed to accompany the GBVIMS+ User Guide and highlight the forms, features, and functionalities in GBVIMS+ that facilitate GBV case management service provision, supervision, including remote supervision, and monitoring quality of GBV case management services. Access the GBVIMS+ Case Management Companion Guide here

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July 26, 2021

Stories from the field: GBV Case Management Capacity Building in the Gambia.

Check out the latest update from the rollout of the GBV Case Management Capacity Building Initiative in the Gambia!

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February 5, 2021

COVID-19 Guidance on Remote GBV Services Focusing on Phone-based Case Management and Hotlines OUT NOW!!!

The COVID-19 Guidance on Remote GBV Services Focusing on Phone-based Case Management and Hotlines is OUT NOW!!! Through the GBV Area of Responsibility Helpdesk, GBV responder organisations and agencies International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee, Trócaire, Norwegian Church Aid, Plan International, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNHCR came together to develop this Guidance to assist GBV responders […]

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