GBVIMS Incident Data: Analysis and Advocacy

The GBVIMS and Primero/GBVIMS+ generate anonymised, aggregate statistics on reported cases, where the consent of the survivor has been provided for inclusion of their data. In countries where multiple organisations come together to use the GBVIMS to consolidate their statistics, an Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) governs the way in which data can be shared. In some countries, thematic analytical reports are developed for public sharing, with the purpose of advocacy and awareness-raising. These reports can be found here.


GBVIMS Annual Overview Lebanon 2020 Report, which explores the various impacts COVID-19, Beirut Port Explosions and Economic Situation has had on survivors of GBV. The analysis in the report includes data triangulated by various sources aside from the GBVIMS.

"Ongoing Impact of COVID-19, Economic Situation and Beirut Blast" November 2020: GBVIMS Report Q3

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July 10, 2024

NEW!!! Inter-Agency GBV Case Management Guidelines E-learning Platform

Coming soon!

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June 19, 2024

New Resources! Training Module on GBV Case Management Responses to SEA - out now!!!

The training module on GBV Case Management Responses to SEA was designed toaccompany the Interagency GBV Case Management Guidelines Training Materials andthe forthcoming GBV Case Management E-learning (an online adaption of theInteragency GBV Case Management Guidelines Training Materials). This module wasdeveloped under UNFPA’s leadership in collaboration with the inter-agency GBVIMSSteering Committee - IRC, IMC, UNICEF […]

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July 26, 2021

Stories from the field: GBV Case Management Capacity Building in the Gambia.

Check out the latest update from the rollout of the GBV Case Management Capacity Building Initiative in the Gambia!

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