Learn About the GBVIMS

Watch this three minute video for an introduction to the Gender-Based Violence Information Management System

In order to determine whether your organization should implement the GBVIMS, you can start by learning more about how the GBVIMS works and review the tools that make up the GBVIMS.

To start, read our short briefing packets:

You can also download  the GBVIMS tools and user guide.  The GBVIMS User Guide is an important document that will introduce you to the GBVIMS and its tools and help you practice how to use them.  You will notice that the entire Incident Recorder (IR) is not available for download.  The IR is only available for organizations who have participated in an orientation and consulted with a member of the GBVIMS Team.  You can, however, download an overview of the IR and a sample view of one aspect of it (the Monthly Statistics Report) to give you an idea of what the IR is like.

Click here to view the GBVIMS Tools